How to ace an interview | Tips to Land the Job You Want

How to ace an interview | Tips to Land the Job You Want

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Welcome to another episode of global banking finance review my name is the piccolo book today we are going to talk about how to ace an interview we are going to have a look at how you can prepare for an interview and what tips work the best when it comes to

Landing the job that you want we also look at what mistakes you need to be aware of and avoid and how we need to grasp on interview tips on wall to avoid one of the mistakes that most people make is failing to turn your phone to silent mode when in an interview in

Addition to this particular mistake many failed to bring additional copies of their resume while others chew gum when waiting for the interview to start sweaty hands are another thing that should be avoided and washing your hands are travelling them dry where the wet wipe helps deal with the situation

Prepare answers to widely use interview questions while there are several unusual interview questions the chances of you phrasing them during an interview are negligible as companies have learned that there is very little information to be got from them so answer prepare to answer the questions that are most routinely asked in interviews when

Preparing your answers ensure that they are unique and showcase your knowledge also when answering questions use example to show how we have handle problems and projects in the past as these con Wednesday interviewers stay calm and ask questions an important power of an interview is ability to stay

Calm and deal with the questions without becoming anxious preparing answers to questions beforehand will help you remain calm and cool when answering them also prepare a list of questions you want to ask interviewers additionally and sure that you ask questions throughout the interview to ensure that

You get answers for all of them and they are not kept for the last few minutes Practice how to handle a phone interview interviewers are often we shall yoga and held over the phone or sometimes the first phase interview is done via Skype so spend some time on setting of the necessary items for telephonic or Skype based interview and and or you have the appropriate headphones and quiet room

Setup research the company and its dress code whether you are taking up a phone based interview are going to an office you need to research the company and its products or services when doing this research spent time going through social media accounts to find details about current events dressing appropriately

For an interview is also important and your outfit will need to add the ER to the company’s dress code so find out what the company’s dress code is and whether you have appropriate clothing in your wardrobe researching is just one aspect of what you need to do if you

Want to ace an interview in fact the longer you spend preparing for an interview the better you will be able to handle it finally do not attempt to completely hide your personality when editing an interview thanks for watching don’t forget to subscribe like and comment and one lucky winner will win a

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