Recon Screener

Job assessment tips
Probably, the most important thing for a Recon Marine to have, it’s the drive for every day. Like, you don’t wanna let the dude to your left, or your right down. It’s a constant battle of keeping everyone in check, including yourself, so if someone’s fallen behind

A little bit, you gotta be humble about it, ’cause you’re gonna get checked on it real quick. Ultimately, every single person in that team needs to have the upmost faith, and confidence in you to do your job, no matter what happens. You gotta have that drive just to constantly,

Constantly be perfecting your traits, because we have so many different jobs and there’s mutual responsibilities, Jump Master responsibilities, HRST Master. So much going on and if you don’t have that drive, to keep, keep perfecting it, every time you do it, then you’re just, you’re gonna get left behind.

If anyone’s looking for a challenge and they think they got what it takes, they should absolutely try out, it’s not just a tough guy thing, its, you gotta be smart, and that’s what gets a lot of guys, it’s easy to be tough, but it’s hard to be tough and smart.
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