THRIVES – Progressive Assessment

THRIVES – Progressive Assessment

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One of the other differences between being a student here at st. Clair and many in other institutions is the way we test how you’re learning we use progressive assessment which means we are going to test you throughout the whole semester some students have come to me and said that in the past when

They were in school they were graded by their results on their midterm and on their final exam and that’s all that mattered others have told me that actually their grades what the marks from that midterm and final didn’t matter what mattered was their ranking within the class based on those marks

This is very different rather than just looking at your final exam or your midterm and final exam as the sole determinant of your grade we’re going to test you in a number of different ways we’re going to use quizzes essays reflections group projects lab work presentations we’re going to look at a

Number of different ways throughout the semester that we can judge how you’re learning
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