Job Interview tips

Job interview tips
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We are going to explain how to prepare for a job interview and English speaking companies this is you you have applied for the company of your dreams now you are excited to be invited for a job interview so what do you to be well-prepared first of all you should

Dress professionally and arrive on time remember that the first impression has a great impact on the interviewer furthermore be sure to reread the Job Description and be knowledgeable about the company what products do they make who is their competition also know the names of the interviewers and how to

Pronounce them correctly try to roleplay your interview with a friend with some basic questions like what are you good at or tell us something about yourself however don’t memorize your statements or give 15 minute answers to basic questions instead try connecting your skills to the position you can avoid yes

Or no answers by talking about recent experiences when practicing try slowing down and don’t worry that your English might not be good enough be positive when meeting your interviewer you should make eye contact when your interviewer says my name is Paul Jones how do you do don’t talk about your actual feelings

Rather mirror what the interviewer has said pleased to meet you how do you do mr. Jones this sounds polite at the beginning the interviewer might try to break the ice by talking about your journey keep the small talk brief and positive and give some extra information so when he asks you did you

Fly over from Germany this morning don’t complain about the terrible flights you had rather say I flew over yesterday to stay with some friends during the interview be aware of your achievements without revealing too much private information avoid passive forms like I was given responsibility for instead

Just as in your cover letter use active verb forms like I was responsible for when talking about your experience this sounds much more dynamic when you are asked for your opinion avoid a weak words such as maybe use confident expressions such as I’m sure that at the

End of the interview make sure to have a couple of questions in mind after all you must like the job as well thank the interviewer for their time and one more thing only discuss money if you’ve been offered the job by following these steps and pieces of advice you should be well

Prepared so go ahead and practice think of your dream company and be ready for an interview that shows an honest and confident you
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