What to say in a pre-screening phone interview for a job.

What to say in a pre-screening phone interview for a job.

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Day 29 of 31 days of story. I wanted to share with you the story that you want to tell for a pre-screen interview. The pre-screen interview is a way of the hiring person to check if you are the kind of person that they want to meet in person. Really that is it.

Sometimes the HR will get, or the hiring people whoever the decision makers are — will get resumes that seem really polished. And then, when they call the person, it becomes quite obvious, very soon into the call that the person they are speaking to didn’t write their resume.

Because they are speaking a completely different language. That could be a resume issue….but As long as you are using your own words, and your resume sounds like you and you’re going to sound the same on the phone There is nothing to be worried about because you’re teling a consistent story about yourself.

So, it’s that. It’s that they are calling because they don’t, you know… It can be a real wast of your time and their time and other people who are involved with the hiring process If you’re not the right person. Why waste the time of traveling and getting

Together if you’re not even going to be considered. It’s just a pre-screen to see if everything you said on your resume is true. If you’re available, if you’re still interested. And, the story that you want to tell, is the story of being interested in the role. Of being available.

Of showing them why you want to work for them in that role. And in that company. And a little about why you are qualified. And it’s not, huge memorized speeches. that you want to be giving. But those, you’re telling the story when you answer the phone.

You’re in the role of a character who is telling the story about being excited and prepared and qualified for the role that they’re talking about. That is the through-line of your story. Things…stories that you want to have, you want to know why you applied for the job.

If they say, why did you appy for the job? You can tell them what interested you about the role. If they ask why you are available for the job, you want to have the story about why you are available. So why you are thinking about leaving your current company

Or why you are no longer working. You can phrase those both in real positive ways, where you are not putting down your current employer and you’re not If you experienced job loss you’re not putting down your former employer and you’re not showing desperation or that you are still attached

When you answer that question. Work on your leaving story. The last ones of those is what qualifies you for this job? Having an example about any education or exerience And again, not five minutes, but a short bit Of here’s why and here’s a little example of work that I’ve done.

Usually those calls are only 15 minutes to half hour calls and so you don’t need to add a whole lot more. They may ask you some questions that are extra screening ones and then those ones, it’s okay to not prepare for them, you just want to be open

And present and tell them the truth when they ask the question. And then hopefull, if you’re telling the right story, then they’ll invite you in to meet them in person. Thanks for watching. I’ll be back with video 30. Thank you. Good-bye.
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