External assessment in Health & Physical Education subjects

External assessment in Health & Physical Education subjects

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It’s vitally important that students  use the resources that are available   to them in the mock and past paper  space on the public facing website.   Using those External assessment marking  guides (EAMGs), really interrogating those   and completing the practice questions within the  exam conditions that they’re expected to face  

During their external assessment. OK, so another tip for students is that they   are well across what’s required for each  of the cognitions within our syllabus.   We can use the glossary of cognitive verbs  to find the definitions for each of those.  

And in addition to that we need to make sure  there is opportunity for students to practice   analysing, dissecting and then using  stimulus within their responses.   Within that subject report there are examples  of students’ responses from last year’s EA  

And it really shows them the characteristics  of a good response and they can frame their   responses and understanding towards  this year’s exam based upon those.   Make sure that students are across the  procedural processes that are linked   to the Unit 4 Health inquiry model. That will allow students to show their  

Understanding of the approaches,  frameworks and resources which   they can analyse and interpret information  from in synthesising their action strategy.   So a great tip for Physical Education  students too is to make sure that   not only engaging with the physical activity  context they used in Internal assessment 3 (IA3)  

But is to also get a deep understanding of the  subject matter across a variety of contexts   so that they have examples that they can  draw upon within an extended response.   It’s essential that students  understand the subject matter   of the units that they are studying. They need to know the assessable elements  

That are within those units and what they  need to include within their responses,   particularly when it comes to the short response  and the extended response questions.   One of the really important things students  can do in preparing for this year’s exam is  

Go to the myQCE website and navigate their way to  External assessment — A guide for Year 12 students   and make sure they’re well across all of the  requirements for each of their subject areas.   Make sure they engage with those  resources online where they can practice  

Sample responses and proven EAMGs  that have already existed and ensuring   that they really do those within the  conditions of the external assessment.   And the final thing we need to do is make sure  we’re really engaging with the subject matter  

In the syllabus, ensuring we’re across all of  the prescribed elements and examples within it,   so that there’s no surprises when we  sit down to answer our questions.
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