External assessment in sciences subjects

External assessment in sciences subjects

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Some of the insights from  the Science learning area   are that students typically answered the  single mark questions really, really well.   In terms of questions that are worth more than  one mark, students typically either didn’t   achieve that number of marks for a variety  of reasons, but potentially because they  

Didn’t add additional information that  was required for the additional marks.   Many students only answered some of  the questions last year on the exam.   We train our markers to look for marks  in the response, so it’s really important  

That you show us what you know by  answering every single question.   So for multiple choice questions,  it’s answer every single multiple   choice question because you’ve always got  a 25% chance of just getting it right.   For short response questions, really  pay attention to the cognitive verb  

That is listed in the syllabus because typically  that’s the cognitive verb that’s going to be used   on the external assessment. Also with the cognitive verb   really pay attention to the definition of  the cognitive verb in the syllabus glossary   so that you understand what’s going to  be required of you when that cognitive  

Verb is used on the external assessment. For example, the definition of the cognitive   verb ‘compare’ is to find similarities,  differences and the significance of these.   So a question on the exam will typically be worth  three marks to elicit those three qualities.  

Where a question has stimulus make sure that  you refer to the stimulus in your answer.   Similarly, in Psychology, often a question  will refer to a study and in that case   also make sure that you’re referring to  details of the study in your answer.  

For extended response questions in Agricultural  Science and Earth and Environmental Science,   make sure you pay attention to the question. Read the question carefully and pay close   attention to each of the components that  you need to include in your response.   So students should be familiar  with their General syllabuses,  

Which can be found on the QCAA website. On that same page, you’ll also find the   sample exams as well as the 2020 past papers. You’ll also find the 2020 subject report.   In that report there are example responses  from students from the past exam.  

On the myQCE website you’ll find the new 2021  External assessment guide for students.
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