External assessment in The Arts subjects

External assessment in The Arts subjects

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Well we learnt in 2020 that students were well  prepared for The Arts external assessment.   They knew how to write an analytical essay,  which is really important because that’s   what the question requires of them. They also knew the cognitions that   they needed to demonstrate and they  were very familiar with how to engage  

With the stimulus and respond to stimulus. I’d encourage you to be familiar with the   assessment objectives for your subject. Make sure you know which cognitions   you need to demonstrate and how  you need to demonstrate those.   And by cognitions I mean analyse, evaluate,  justify — those sorts of verbs or processes  

That you need to demonstrate in the exam. You need to understand and be able to   recall the subject matter that’s  fundamental to your subject.   So in Dance that will be  dance concepts and skills.   For Drama that will be the elements of  drama and the conventions of drama.  

For Film, Television and New Media  it will be the key concepts.   For Music and Music (Extension) you’ll need  to know your musical elements and concepts.   And for Visual Art you’ll need to be familiar with  and know visual language, expression and context.  

Know how to deconstruct questions so that you know  exactly what the question is asking of you and you   know how to respond to all parts of the question. If the question asks you for quantities of   something, make sure you’re really familiar  with that and make sure you look for those  

Cognitions to be able to demonstrate them. I’d encourage you to practise writing as many   analytical essay responses as possible with  as many examples of stimulus that are relevant   for your subject as possible. When you get into the exam,  

I’d encourage you to use that planning time  really wisely and you might even like to use   some kind of graphic organiser like a mind map  to be able to plan appropriately for that.   If you’re a Drama student, make sure you’re really  familiar with the recorded live performance that  

Your school has chosen from our prescribed list. That way you’ll come into the exam really   confident to be able to draw upon your  knowledge of that recorded live performance   and be able to respond to the question. Make sure you don’t come in with a pre-prepared  

Response but look at what the question’s  asking of you and respond to the question.   So I’d encourage you to make sure you’re  familiar with the resources that we offer.   You can go to the myQCE website and there you’ll  find particularly an important document that’s the  

2021 External assessment guide for students. But if you want information about The Arts and   your subjects that you’re studying in The  Arts. I would encourage you to go to our   website, and what you’ll find  there in the General syllabus pages are things  

Like the subject report, you’ll find past papers  and sample assessments that you can use to help   you feel so confident with your exams.  
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