How to prepare for Job Interview Questions!

How to prepare for Job Interview Questions!

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These days most interviewers use something called star behavioral interviewing technique the thinking is that past behaviors are the best predictor of future behaviors so they ask candidates to describe how they’ve dealt with challenging situations and tasks they’re listening to hear what actions you took and how you resolved those challenges

To prepare for this make a list of your key strengths for each strength think of a situation in your work history that illustrates how you used it to overcome a challenge talk about what action you talk in order to resolve that challenge it’s important you make very clear what

This story shows about your strength and also talk about what you’ve learned from the situation by thinking about this you’ll collect a virtual storybook of tales that you can draw upon during your interview and with luck you’ll find your dream job in no time so to summarize star behavioral

Interviewing is based on the assumption that people’s past actions are good indicators of future actions list your strengths and identify a story that shows how you overcame a situation using each of those strengths rehearse the stories a number of times and explain clearly how please demonstrate your strengths and

Make sure you also describe what you learned from each situation you
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