6 Tips to master your Skype interview.

6 Tips to master your Skype interview.

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Hi guys you are watching octave locks and if this is the first time here and you would like to know more information about life in Dubai how to get a job in the city keep watching this video today many companies to Skype to arrange an interview with potential candidates

Especially if those are based abroad there are also companies who are looking for remote workers and in this case they use Skype to arrange interviews and meetings so today I will give you 6 tips that will help you to master your Skype interview the first thing you should do

Is to set up ahead of time make sure that you download it installed and tested Skype at least one day before the interview test your microphone the sound should be clear and without any hums and buzzing I recommend you to buy a microphone so your sound will be perfect

I check if the picture is clear enough it shouldn’t be very bright I recommend you to have a couple of video chats with your friends in advance to make sure that everything works properly on different systems you should dress to impress not to distract it is so important to make a first great

Impression so you should dress appropriately and wear formal clothes as you would for any normal interview for example it can be a formal suit a formal dress for the gold darker colors usually work the best on the camera and if your goal I don’t recommend you to use any

Clothes in lipstick or wear sparkly jewelry because it can be distracting the first thing the employer will see is your Skype username and profile picture so make sure that both of them are interview appropriate but if you want you can create a separate Skype account which looks very professional Don’t be afraid to create some nodes and have a copy of your regimen next to you during the interview the advantage of Skype interview is that you can have your own cheat sheet in front of you and when you forget something you just can’t have a quick look into your notes and

Continue your story but don’t look into your notes all the time don’t read your papers because you lose connection you’re the employer it doesn’t look professional and it will reduce your chances to get a job it might feel awkward but when you have an interview you should look directly into your web

Camera not into your screen and you have to maintain the eye contact with the recruiter so here is a pro tip put a stack of books on your table and place your laptop on the top of the books so the web camera is at your eye level it

Will be easier for you to look directly into the camera try to eliminate all interruptions let everyone in the house know that you will be in an interview turn off all notifications silence your phone close all messengers and if you have any pets in your house make sure

That they are outside your room and they will not disturb you when you finish your interview don’t follow up on Skype because it looks very casual and informal unless you ask to do so by the employer the best way to follow up is to send a nice thank-you email which will

Impress much more so guide this by my 60th that will help you to master your Skype interview if you had any Skype interview before please share your experience in the comments below it will be very useful for other people and thank you for watching I will see you in

The next video bye bye
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