Job Interview Tips –

Job Interview Tips –

Job interview tips
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Foreign this presentation will provide some useful job interview tips don’t be late it is always best to arrive 15 to 20 minutes early to allow time to prepare yourself for the interview and give a good impression if you live far away a good option to consider is staying at a hotel allowing

You to get to the interview on time and avoiding any travel issues if you are going to be late make sure you inform the company in advance or as soon as possible be prepared researching the company in the job description beforehand will show your enthusiasm for the role make sure you

Have the qualifications required in order to impress the interviewer researching possible questions before an interview can help you answer questions more confidently and reduce your nerves before the interview body language body language is a key factor that the interviewer will look for so maintaining eye contact smiling and using open gestures is essential

Try not to repeat phrases or use slang or waffle dress smartly the way you dress has a major impact on what impression you give so it’s important that you dress smartly being prepared is great but don’t over prepare any questions you rehearse as preparation may not necessarily match

What will be asked during the interview which can leave you hesitating and becoming flustered so don’t over prepare answering questions when answering questions try to find a way to highlight your key skills experience and achievements make sure you come across as a motivated enthusiastic and passionate individual

This is your chance to impress the employer and show them that you are the best candidate for this role so use this opportunity to sell yourself make sure you are ready to answer some difficult questions such as what is your biggest weakness a great way to answer a question like

This is to talk about a previous weakness that you have overcome to turn into a strength or to discuss areas where there is still room for improvement asking questions interviewers are always impressed with candidates who ask questions about topics that may not have been covered in the interview good luck from foreign
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