External assessment in Technologies subjects

External assessment in Technologies subjects

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In 2021, we really think students need to  know about the cognitions — what they mean,   how to respond to questions within the cognitive  load or cognitive level of the question.   The cognitions are within the syllabus and  they really should be practising using those  

Cognitions in all of the responses to  their tasks, their internal assessment   as well as their external assessment. There’s definitions,   the teachers will have the Cognitive verb  toolkit which will assist students to be   able to respond to those to the level  that is required in the questions.  

For any of the definitions, for any of the  terms within the syllabus, the subject matter,   students really need to make sure that they  understand all of those glossary terms.   If your examination has a stimulus  listed in the specifications,  

You need to make sure that you do some stimulus  practice to engage with the stimulus.   Use the mock and the sample and the EA 2020  stimulus to make sure that you have a really   good understanding of how to unpack it and  how to respond effectively to the question.  

Make sure that you look at the question, plan the  response to the question and be able to respond to   it as the question is asked, so get the intended  response from the wording within the question.   Write as succinctly as you can  to respond to the question,  

Don’t try and add extra words,  sometimes that doesn’t help.   OK, so you could go to myQCE website and you’ll  find some information around a guide for students   for external assessment. As well as that, you do need  

To access the syllabus and make sure that you  understand the levels of cognitions in there.   You’ll find all of that information on the  syllabus page on the QCAA website along with   the past examination papers and the EAMG (External  Assessment Marking Guide) for the paper.
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