How to Prepare for an Interview? Tips From A Partner

How to Prepare for an Interview? Tips From A Partner

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Hey y’all my name is Audra Duran and I am the social impact lead for Chicago at LinkedIn rework training is one of our signature partners and what that means is that we help them incorporate LinkedIn trainings into their curriculum so that their participants can is LinkedIn platform to the top of its

Capabilities because reworked has done such an amazing job of already teaching participants of how to leverage inappropriately we’re going to be focusing on mock interviews with rework participants so our coaches on The LinkedIn side are going to be walking through a mock call giving feedback providing coaching and just overall

Networking with somebody who works at LinkedIn we gotta hear from the folks at LinkedIn if you got to tell a kid that one thing that you don’t want them to forget what would it be I’m starting with Brian you can never prepare enough give yourself more credit definitely

Practice out loud being authentic to yourself too right don’t ever discredit the kind of background you have find that point of connection using quantity meditative metrics in terms of demonstrating impact we do research remaining calm within yourself having that like enthusiasm for the role in communicating that goes a long way if

You need more time to answer a question it’s better to take a breath and say let me think about that for a second then just spit out the first thing that comes to your mind so remember like uncomfortable silence during an interview is totally okay I

Um practice when I do the star method is use it on real life stories that you have if you have a great weekend if you like hung out with your family or you get something tell your friends that using the star method focus on you who you are being vulnerable smile and

Breathe yeah we’re all human so we’re all prone to in terms of having pressure we want to get some nervous everyone has Tech issues everyone makes mistakes no one cares about that it’s how you bounce back from it having specific examples or stories that you can draw upon

Especially during the behavioral type of questions I think is huge in helping build that personal relationship with the interviewer be realistic and anticipate the things that can go wrong your internet’s going to cut off you’re going to get someone that’s not giving you a ton of information maybe they’re

Obnoxious and just anticipate it and be able to have a more seamless transition in your responses don’t be afraid to use the same examples in so many of your interviews they don’t know that you’ve used it three other times or the same examples rather so don’t be afraid to do

That they do not know think about what structure works best for you and just like rinse and repeat leverage your different professional or personal experiences and just find creative ways to tie that back to the job description or the question that an interviewer is asking you confidence I think speaks a

Lot about your personality and the way you come across reflect on your growth remember where you started where you came from don’t overthink it go for it and make sure you set the next meeting or solidify the next steps in the current call people want to talk to

People be your true authentic self and if a company doesn’t want you for who you are then you don’t want that company well like everyone loves talking about themselves so dive deeper and like you can have like really meaningful conversations that way I have three stories in Banks be confident don’t

Doubt yourself there will always be a throws you off guard and I think the point there is don’t get nervous think through it ask questions and then just show that there’s a the way to solve the problem even if you don’t have the right answer
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