Tuesday Tip: Staff & REAC Inspections

Tuesday Tip: Staff & REAC Inspections

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Hi and welcome to today’s tuesday tip today we’re going to go over some things that the staff can do to help the react inspection first of all staff needs to know the scope of work that’s involved which includes knowing how many hours it’s going to take your maintenance to do it

The material that will be needed to make the repairs the cost of the materials to make the repairs also staff needs to have what we’re calling a code list for the inspection a for acceptable ti for taking immediate action c4 can wait or will be in the preventive maintenance plan rd

For resident damage and rm for ready or repairs made that code will kind of help you keep up with the repairs but now you can’t do a cold or have a cold without doing inspections that means you’re going to have to inspect the units so often i have maintenance tell me well managers

Never inspect the units with us we go on their own you know what reacts looking for and sometimes maintenance doesn’t so it should be a team effort for you all to go out together conduct the inspections and the walkthroughs together and remember you cannot manage a property sitting in a chair

At a desk you know not going out to see what’s on the property you have to physically be on that property to know what’s happening i want to remind you that next week we have a special guest so if you have a react inspection coming

Up or if you just want to get ready and be prepared definitely tune in next week for tuesday tip live when we have our expert with us thank you and we’ll see you next week for a tuesday tip live
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