Workforce Group Assessment Centre Testimonial – Nigerian Breweries PLC

[Workforce Group Assessment Centre Testimonial – Nigerian Breweries PLC

Psychometric testing explained
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AB justice Hina the head of recruitment and talent development for Nigerian breweries in this position I undo all recruitment for the company good at management level this is executives and I’m also in charge of talent management and succession planning for the company several years back we are to convert

Aptitude test for applicants and the number was quite large and it was people at this very rowdy open to cheating so we now decided that look we are a world-class company and let us look for an organization that be able to automate the test so that we’ll be able to take

Out the the ruddiness and also to get resort out on time because when you delete then the chances are there that it will be compromised we needed a company that we oppose attend to the problems earlier mentioned & Waffles was recommended highly recommended and we decided to give them a try

So waffles came up with a very credible process you know in time of evenly test instruments they were quality test instrument that were well administered so the quality of the test questions have been found very valid in the sense that the results that come from workforce you know by time we put all

These candidates through our subsequent steps they also you know there’s a correlation between the Tesco and the at home of the osss at the end of the day we want to link that one to the quality of the test instrument that is administer it actually measures exactly

What we want to be measured the quality of the people they are not permit from this process they hit the ground running as soon as they come into the system they are very intelligent a lot of them have moved rapidly or power management kada and if i will have received

Commendation from our village directors in the business for a job well done looking at workforce it has grew from those few lines of business and as taking on additional pain we are constantly monitoring other business is also expanding and Audi have adopted the latest technology in doing their job and

That has also impacted our own business to make sure that it is the very best people that come in and it is actually the people that took the test that comment on business
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