Extremely Common Beginner Suit Mistake

Extremely Common Beginner Suit Mistake

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To look good in a suit do not make this mistake leaving the tack stitching in what is tack stitching tack stitching is the light colored thread you typically find on the sleeve cuffs and vents and sometimes across the shoulder seam it’s used to show the suit

Is new and to help it keep its shape while it’s on the hanger in the store it is not a design feature so when you get your suit home take a pair of scissors cut the thread and carefully remove it from the fabric now you’ll also want to

Remove the stitching from the breast pocket so you can wear a pocket square and the other pockets as well because they’re meant to be functional when you wear a suit you feel good you feel powerful you feel confident but if you leave the tack stitching in you’re not

Going to look the part and i’m just here to make sure that you look and feel your best
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