Hypospadias | Dr. CN Radhakrishnan | Hypospadias Symptoms – Manipal Hospitals

Hypospadias | Dr. CN Radhakrishnan | Hypospadias Symptoms – Manipal Hospitals

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Hi my name is dr. Radhakrishnan I am a pediatric surgeon and a pediatric urologist and I work at the money pod Hospital in Bangalore normally the urethra through which urine is passed out of the body is present at the tip of the penis hyperspeed es is a

Male birth defect where this that the end of the urethra is actually present not the tip but on the underside of the penis it could be just below the normal location of the tip or as far down as the scrotum and therefore the location of this abnormal position of the urethra

Can vary widely in hypospadias over the last two to three decades the incidence of hypospadias has increased dramatically while the exact cause of this is not known it is thought that increased vegetarianism especially in the Western world or increase in the amount of hormones in the food we eat is

Thought to be the cause for this increased incidence of hypospadias you
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