Overview: How to take the Gmail Self-Assessment

Overview: How to take the Gmail Self-Assessment

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Congratulations you’re about to take your first Gmail self-assessment on the left-hand side you’ll notice that you can go ahead and fill out the form with your name make sure that you fill out the email address accordingly and then on the right hand side you’ll have access to all the resources that – the

Self-assessment will quiz you on we want you to score 100% weeks I suggest you take advantage of these resources the second thing that you’re going to want to have open at the same time is your blake gmail account so go ahead and log in and select the gmail account and

You’ll want to have both windows side by sides so that you’ll be able to do the five activities during the course of the assessment one thing to keep in mind is that you want to sit down and finish the assessment in one sitting not close your

Computer not put it to sleep when you’re ready to get started you filled out the first part go ahead and click continue and then start answering the questions if you know where you can find and use a and box label go ahead and click yes find use a starred label yes but if

You’re having trouble remembering recent mail is you go ahead and click no or if you look on the right-hand side through our corresponding resources to help you answer that question so I want to find out more about how to find an you sent mail select the link and in this case I would

Watch an overview video about a female continue on the course of the assessment by answering all the questions including where is trash help what is all-male and how to search I’m not sure how to use a search tool inline answer honestly and I don’t want to find the resource so I can

Go ahead and click no and continue on the assessment will go through these various sections and periodically they’ll be an activity such as emailing workshop week that’s all there is to it once you’ve completed the assessment you’ll go ahead and Eileen you’ll see a submit button when you submit it every

Two to three days will respond with a overview of your score this score will be used to determine whether you’ll be placed in a novice or intermediate workshop but again you can suggest that you should feel free to retake the assessment as many as you want we want you to do well good

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