Self-assessment: How organized are you?

Self-assessment: How organized are you?

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Hi there this is Adrian from tactical project manager comm and let’s talk about self-organization the thing is it’s very important to be well organized when you’re a project manager because there’s just too many things going on at the same time and you need to have certain systems and structures in place

That you’re able to carry out your work in an efficient way and for example if you’re looking for a specific email and it takes you 15 minutes to find this email in Outlook or maybe you don’t find it at all this is not good in the same way if you write meeting

Minutes and you don’t have a proper way to store them and to share them with other people in your project it’s also not good and it can impact communication in a negative way so that there there are a couple of points I recommend you implement in order to you know be well-organized

And to help you find where you can still improve in your organization I have listed down a number of points to go through so check which of these things you have already implemented and which ones you’re still missing and for those which are missing well you just start start today to

Implement those because you can’t really run a project successfully without being well organized if you have any questions post them in the comments and I’ll use your feedback also to create more useful articles for you in the future thanks bye bye
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