Chasma Quale for Testing HR, Learning and Talent Management Systems

[Chasma Quale for Testing HR, Learning and Talent Management Systems

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Quality analysis and validation is necessary for any enterprise software application and that holds true even if you’re using a cloud application along with hundreds of other enterprises no matter who your vendor is their Quality Assurance team won’t test their business processes configurations or integrations that’s up to you and that holds true for

Your periodic software updates one of the most vexing challenges your company can have is the disruption that happens when you forget to test an update and find out later it conflicts with one of the critical business processes or integrations so it makes sense to test

Your HR software not only as part of the initial implementation but after each update to see if changes or enhancements impacted your business processes or integrations but without automation testing is a tedious labor-intensive process for every update must develop a test strategy plan scenarios and scripts develop triage procedures and track the

Results then you must pull your people away from productive work or hire a vendor for validation and sign off on your system don’t place your time and energy working on something you can automate and effectively manage let Chashma quail through the tedious validation work in your stage or preview

Tenants before the production migration after production migration just share your production information and initiate the run to validate again in your production environment instead of writing out test cases every time you have an update let quail record and document the procedures for you we have 10,000 plus common use cases and

Scenarios your system is thoroughly validated before we sign off and release a report the number of test cases continues to grow as we release new updates we validate every test case before it’s released to make sure additional cases are included and specific use cases are covered quail

Runs the predefined test cases for each of your releases thoroughly test your application and presents your results in tabular format so you can focus on the areas that need attention if you have custom integrations let the Quail team help build your cases for your custom integrations and get them

Deployed onto quayle those cases will be automatically validated whenever you have an update release you get detailed reports organized for each area of the application and the number of cases executed in that area you can view real-time progress of the results and you’re testing status if you have a lot

Of custom processes and integrations check out our Enterprise release to see how you can customize quayle to the unique needs of your business sign up for a sneak preview on how Chashma quayle can bring effectiveness and value to your HR systems update validations contact Chashma at one eight five five

Nine seven eight six eight one six to learn how you can optimize and bring efficiencies in your HR processes and here’s a bonus if you have a business case or a challenge that can help create efficiencies in your business processes contact us at info at Chashma do join us

On our journey Chashma people experience transform
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