How to use your Motivation Questionnaire

[How to use your Motivation Questionnaire

Psychometric testing explained
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Hello there I’m dr. Sally Cathcart and I’m one of the founders of the curious piano teachers thank you so much for clicking through to watch pretty much all pupils at some point in the learning process we’ll have a dip in their levels of motivation and when that happens it’s

Really vital that we help them to reconnect with the reasons that they started to learn in the first place so to help with those very moments we’ve created a motivation questionnaire which you can see just here and you can use this with your pupils and it will help

You to find out more about them and really importantly it will give you your pupils a voice and it will help them to understand that you are really listening and valuing their opinions so here are three suggestions I can make to help you use this so the first thing is to set

Aside five minutes in a lesson and it can be at the start or it could be in the middle at the end that’s completely up to you something that is really set aside there and that’s your time that you’re going to go through the questionnaire with them so produce the

Questionnaire and just go through all the different questions you can see that they are deliberately very simple and they’re not deep or they’re not going to take an awful lot of time to answer but you’re just going to go through and make sure that the pupil understands you’re

Going to send them home with the questionnaire so you don’t need to actually spend time with them filling it in but what me might be quite nice is for you to share some of the things that you experienced when you were learning so for example with this question that

Says what did you enjoy what was the best thing about your piano lessons and I can remember for me when I was a beginner an elementary student I used to go along a few minutes early to my lessons and my piano teacher would have some far more advanced students there

And I would sit and listen to them and I just sort of wide-eyed with this idea that all those notes were coming out of this wonderful piano and maybe one day I could play like that so share some of your expenses with your student so understand that yes you were like them

At one point and then as I said the third thing is to send them home with the the the questionnaire and say that they don’t complete it in their own time at home it can be part of their practice of course and then could they bring it

Back next week so you can they could share that with you I think you’re really looking forward to seeing what it is that they find really so good about learning the piano you might want to talk to parents as well and get them in on the process because I’m sure they

Will really really appreciate it okay so the final point that I just want to make is that this is something that I use with elementary level students onwards it’s not something that I would use in the first year of somebody having piano lessons so not probably for beginners but from

There onwards I can use it with any students so I hope that gives you some ideas and I hope you find it really useful resource thank you so much for watching and if you want to watch more videos from the curious piano teachers here on YouTube then you can just hit

The subscribe button below and that will just keep you up to date whenever we pop a new video up there I hope you’ve enjoyed this thanks for watching again happy teaching bye bye for now
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