Improve your Communication Immediately with Active Listening

Improve your Communication Immediately with Active Listening

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So i want to give you something you can do right now or the next time you talk to someone that will improve your communication immediately and it’s called active listening active listening basically means when someone’s talking to you you’re not thinking of the next thing that you’re going to say to them

What you’re actually doing is really listening and what you say back to them you actually ask a question instead of you saying oh yeah yeah this happened to me before as well you ask questions instead of giving your own opinion active listening makes you a more compelling person to talk to because

You’re actually doing something that not a lot of people do and it’s you listen and you actually repeat things back to people and you’re not just focused on your narrative and your side of the story you want to go deeper with that person who’s talking to you that will immediately improve your communication

Skills try it and let me know how it goes
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