Using Assessments for Career Change

[Using Assessments for Career Change

Psychometric testing explained
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As a careers practitioner I have a highly specialized practice I work with people who have been forced into a career change usually through illness injury retrenchment things they weren’t expecting to do so I’ve been looking for a tool that uh not only enables clients to understand their skill set but also

Helps them to understand their values other career assessment tools were very quick to analyze interests or analyze a skill set um which I found I could do really easily uh with with a well structured interview the difficulty for me though is that I make help people make career decisions based on their

Values and the Harrison tool enables values to be assessed which now integrates everything I need in one tool it actually solves three three problems one is it now provides me with an analysis of a person’s values and gives me a strong Foundation to sit down and talk to them about those issues

Issues that are impacting their ability to make a transition it also now solves a problem of time so in the past that process may have taken three one-on-one sessions I can now do it in one maybe two sessions cuz the information’s laid out before me um and I can engage a

Client in a discussion about that information and I don’t have to go searching for it it’s all in the one spot so it it makes the analysis much easier impact on my clients in in two cases I can tell you it’s been an interesting impact where it clearly demonstrated that the clients

Weren’t ready for Change and clearly demonstrated that we needed to do a lot more work about who they were and where they wanted to go however in one particular instance it was a great benefit to my client who basically had a huge sigh of relief because the tool identified for him that

It was okay for him to want to change out of a career it identified that where he was was such a poor fit that um all his Stress and Anxiety about his job was actually reasonable and it gave him permission to go wow I’m allowed to hate my

Job I am recommending it uh I’m recommending it to uh people who purchase my services and and my colleagues it’s very easy to use it gives you a lot of useful information and it really adds value to the process that you’re engaging clients in w oh
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