4 Tips on Your TEFL/TESOL Job Interview | ITTT | TEFL Blog

4 Tips on Your TEFL/TESOL Job Interview | ITTT | TEFL Blog

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Four tips on your tefl tesol job interview so you’ve completed your tefl course and started applying for jobs in your dream destination country the next step to becoming a successful english teacher is the tefl interview interviews for teaching jobs can take a couple of different formats and these are face-to-face over the

Phone or via skype each type of interview has its own particular points that need addressing dress to impress for face-to-face interviews it is important to be early but not too early make sure that you research the route to the school before the interview day you must remember to dress smartly many

Teaching jobs are in holiday destinations and some people seem to forget the difference between what is suitable for work and what is suitable for the beach if you are being interviewed over the phone be clear on the time difference between you and the interviewer get your facts straight double check who

Is meant to call is it you or the other person for video calls make sure you dress as you would for a face-to-face interview and make sure there is no inappropriate clutter in the background failing to prepare is preparing to fail you should also prepare yourself thoroughly for the interview

Check out the school’s website if they have one talk to former and current teachers if you can try to find out what age of students you are likely to be teaching during the interview the interviewer will be trying to gauge your understanding of teaching methods classroom management and grammar it is a

Good idea to review these units from your course before the interview as part of the interview process you may be asked to do a demo lesson and you should aim to find out about class level length of class students and lesson objective follow up and let them know you’re still

Interested a couple of days after the interview you should send a follow-up email thanking the person who interview and reasserting your interest in the job but don’t be too pushy do you want to teach english abroad thanks so much for watching we are itttt the leading provider for tefl and t

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