5 Useful Tips for Acing Your Next Job Interview

5 Useful Tips for Acing Your Next Job Interview

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So frank candidates apply to a job and they’re going to be either a phone interview or a face-to-face interview so what tips you have for job seekers in terms of preparation for interviews oh well one is study the company um and again it’s we i’ve heard so many stories of great candidates

That have done well so we have a couple phases of our interview process one of them is an assessment um so they do really well on the assessment side and then they get a phone interview or they get a zoom interview or even you know now face to face depending on the role

And they’ll get on the phone with our hr um or other members of the team that might be part of the interview process and they don’t know like what attracted you to ebm you know what what about our company did you like and they’re like

Stuff you know i don’t know um and and they don’t have answers there’s so much information on our website that they can learn from so i would say study the company their website their linkedin and other social profiles there’s a lot of a lot of things that

You could find out there just be in info you don’t need to know everything and an employer is not going to expect you but at least know the type of company you’re applying for uh and the information there and there’s a lot on social media with most

Companies that you can learn from so for sure studying the company know the job role and the requirements i would say make sure that you what what the what the employer is looking for you actually have the requirements there because a lot of employers will say these types of skills we’re looking for

So make sure that you are qualified for the job that you’re applying for another cool thing is the practice uh interviews can be intimidating especially if you’re looking for a job and you know it’s it’s a competitive market or competitive role that you’re applying for so practice have someone that you know a

Friend a family member run you through there’s plenty of fake interview questions online that you can download and just have someone run you through a bunch of them you might get asked one um but it’s it’s at least like the phase one of the interview where you you’ll feel a

Little bit more calm and it won’t be the first time so sometimes practice is is something i would say for sure um and then two other things i would say are important um your body language in an interview you know if you’re sort of like closed off or whatever so make sure just

Be conscious of your your body language even on zooms like me i talk with my hands a lot but be conscious of your body language um and also just make sure you’re on time don’t be late for a zoom and don’t be late for a face-to-face uh

Interview for sure if you have to commute make sure that you give yourself enough time you know the directions ahead of time you know so many times we’ve had people you know just not late 20 minutes late for a zoom um or just showing up to an interview late because they didn’t have

Oh i didn’t get the directions right or something so planning just don’t get disqualified for something that’s so preventable [Applause] You
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