behavioral assessment

behavioral assessment

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Behavioral assessment uh this is something that you do to assess behavior I mean really I mean really you want a definition I give you circle a circular ones and you guys get mad and give you a full one you’d complain because it’s too long I give you short ones you complain

Because they’re too short behavioral assessment it’s just a range of things that you do to assess the conditions and whatever it is under which a person or a behavior is functioning right so behavioral assessment involves everything you got interview you got direct observation you got indirect observation you got direct assessment

You got study all the other people that interact with a kid that’s doing them it could be an adult that causes the problem that you want to know what’s going on you’re looking for functions you’re looking for situations under which the behavior occurs you’re looking for anything you need setting events up

You’re looking for anything and everything you can find out about the behavior to help you understand the the the reasons why the behavior is occurring to help you understand the specific situations in which the behavior does occur and to help you decide how to change or address whatever

Behavioral things you need to do in the future I guess maybe I don’t know you know well you know what better yet just down here down below in the comments if you don’t like what I said ask me to clarify because right now I’ve got too many words
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