Common assessment scale

Common assessment scale

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Understanding common scale each child’s achievement is measured against the common assessment scale this scale continues from year three right through to nine rather than a separate scale for each year this makes it easier for parents and teachers to identify improvement it is important to know that

Each of the areas tested is divided into a series of ten bands a national minimum standard has been set for each year level and each area tested for example the minimum standard for year 3 is band 2 as students progress year by year they will be tested on their ability in

Subject areas against the common scale the results of the testing place a child’s performance in a specific band which is either below at or above the minimum standard for his or her year level this means that as a child advances through school parents can monitor their child’s progress in

Literacy and numeracy over a period of time and provide support and encouragement where they need it parents receive a report which shows the national average the range for the middle 60% of students the national minimum standard and how their child is performing some state and territories will also provide the school average it

Is important however that parents consider these results along with other school based assessments and reports more information about NAPLAN is available on the National Assessment Program website at
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