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Psychometric testing explained
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Really measurement bias non-random measurement error form of inaccurate measurement in which the data consistently overestimate or underestimate the true value event [Laughter] recording yeah oh great condoms here we go once again folks we’re gonna talk about condoms this time we’re gonna talk about condoms and measurement bias hmm

As your mind is wandering yes your thoughts are just kind of going all over the place I hopefully I’ll direct you into a way that’s less naughty so measurement bias is to define it in a really probably piss-poor way is to talk about a consistent error in how you’re

Measuring something it can be overestimating can be underestimated that’s consistent right it’s non-random which is what makes it a bias sometimes randomness is not necessarily bias but anyway so think back to the cold condom thing now that I’ve got you on that thinking about that stuff so if you’re

Trying to measure how many condoms used in a given evening you could have some measurement bias by just counting the number of condoms that were in the garbage right why because you know somebody like me man I’m on terrible whole bunch actually columns just to

Make you think I had a really good night you know I know people are watching me like and they’re counting my condoms so I’ll just put them all in the garbage you’d be like there you go see I used all 40 yes I am NOT a big

Wow that would just that latex all over the place that’s just wrong just please just be yeah prophylactics everywhere swear to god it’s just gonna go wrong measurement bias dog
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