Factor Analysis: Nested Invariance Testing Slides 34-38

[Factor Analysis: Nested Invariance Testing Slides 34-38

Psychometric testing explained
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United States and the people there have this lovely repository of statistical procedures and they have one for other correlation and regression to test the significance of the difference between two correlation coefficient remember the standardized regression coefficient is the same value as the correlation so you can compare them so you put the two

Correlations in 82 and 85 312 702 and it tells you on a two-tailed test it’s not significant if you don’t know how to write the R code and I don’t and I always use stuff that’s free and easy to use and I’m not gonna do it for all of

Them I’m just gonna do it for how big does the difference have to be before well you know okay but it is the configurable good enough so here’s my C fine that was okay this was okay so I I could say at least the configure model is publishable I could argue that this

Tells us something but I wonder if we compare the two C advise whether I could then say hmm maybe the metric is over back to me okay and that chi-square test is just too sensitive and I can explain that away earlier in the methodology section Oh time to go go have coffee
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