Job interview preparation advice from employment expert Patty DeDominic

Job interview preparation advice from employment expert Patty DeDominic

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Go hi welcome to two minutes with Patty D Dominic today’s episode is about preparing yourself for a job interview how will you know especially you’ve trained you’ve got your degree now you really want to go to work for Los Angeles County for example it’s important to understand as much

About the organizational culture before you apply for the job as possible having friends who already work for the employer of your choice is another important key you want to do your homework which department would you like you know LA county for example is a huge conglomerate even though it’s a

Government it operates like a large institution with a billion dollar budget billions of dollars at their disposal they have health services Probation Services criminal Services coroner’s office Sheriff’s Department you name it there are about a hundred different profit centers within the County of Los Angeles Executive offices at the Board of Supervisors field

Offices so you want to Define which organization or which brands of government you’d like to work with and then you want to go to the website and study what their mission is you want to look for their printed goals and objectives as well as their stated goals

And objectives you want to ground your dreams of working with this team this extraordinary team with the reality of what’s happening on a day-to-day basis so having friends recommend you is a very good way to help give you a little bit of advantage and then you also want

To prepare yourself as much as possible know when the exams are if there are exams know whether they hire directly or if they go through LA County Personnel Department not every Department hires them the same way some come by referral other go strictly by the civil service

Requirements so go on to the website check it out in Personnel check it out in person and then strive to work with your mentors ask your mentors what they think it’s going to take for you to get hired by the department of your choice so for example some departments have a

Great deal of turnover other departments have very little department of health services for example in the ranks may not have a great deal of turnover but they turn over the top person every few years and then there’s a level of Senior Management that has been there for over

10 or 15 years so learn as much as you can about the organizational culture before you apply for the job I hope this has been helpful if you’d like a little bit more information please go to my website the new new or you can get my new book called get it

Short Cubs cuts to jobs success thanks so much this is Patty D Dominic two minutes with
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