Introduction to Group Work

Introduction to Group Work

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So you’ve just been assigned a group project  for class! Group work requires some strategies   and skills that individual work doesn’t, so  this guide can help. It provides the tips and   techniques you need to make sure your project is  successful and you get the most out of your group  

Work experience. When most students do group work,  they divide up the assignment, work independently,   then try to combine the results into something  that looks patched together. Imagine you were   assigned a project to write a story as a group.  If all of you wrote two pages independently and  

Didn’t plan the plot, characters, or setting,  you would have an extremely confusing story.   The key is to work collaboratively instead  of separately. In collaborative group work,   everyone works together, sharing information,  co-creating knowledge, leveraging strengths,   expanding capacities – it’s a much more  rewarding and productive experience.  

The team creates a really cohesive  “story” by planning the direction,   creating a structure, and combining all  the pieces of the assignment into a clear,   logically connected whole. By sharing knowledge,  everyone on the team learns more and hears ideas  

And perspectives they might not think of on  their own – so the story becomes richer and more   impactful. Here’s how group work benefits you. It  offers the chance to explore a topic or idea from   multiple angles. It provides the opportunity to  interact with diverse peers and perspectives. It  

Helps you create something bigger or better than  what you may have been able to do on your own.   As a result, you broaden your horizons by learning  from diverse ideas and different perspectives,   and you strengthen your interpersonal,  planning, organizational and leadership skills,  

And you enrich your learning and your outcomes by  co-creating knowledge and resources with others.   Learning these skills will prepare you for  any future group work you may encounter,   whether at school or in the workplace. A lot goes  into group work and sometimes students find it  

Overwhelming, but this guide will help you develop  the foundational skills you need to succeed.   They fall under three key  areas – Understanding the Team,   Communicating Effectively, and Planning the  Project. These elements complement each other   in an ongoing way throughout a group project as  you build your interpersonal skills and manage  

Project outcomes together. By participating  in a collaborative group work experience,   you will create a better stronger result  and a more inclusive space for everyone.
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