Job Interview Tips with Mark Grimm

Job Interview Tips with Mark Grimm

Job interview tips
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To lose your job is a kick in the teeth uh especially when you’ you’ve done a good job and It’s just a matter of the economy and the the big thing I think is to stay Positive uh because when you lose your job you lose part of your Identity and the

Reality is what makes you valuable is still the same today than It was yesterday so focusing on making it about them When you move in and go to that job interview because you tend to be focused on your life but in reality the employer is interested in what you can bring to the

Table right exactly and Now You know we talk about preparing for interviews Do you write these things down do you memorize them or is it really just about a conversation between you and your possible boss well you have a plan an outline you certainly wouldn’t want to write it scripted completely

But a lot of it is about as I said make it about them and show them How you can help in other words research The company and decide decipher what it is a and C that They need and then you have to be prepared to tell them How you

Can deliver A and c and tell them in a way Which speaks to the accomplishments that you have i i did does tell accomplished because fromy for Somebody can help me But I want them to tell How they already done so I have more assurance they really can help you talk about that

Resum so important especially If you Haven pol it up for a while that might take a little while easy to read res resum that isy today res on and most them get When I see stack res through them If It looks lot of text and hard to read likely to get a good

Look so use some white space headlines and talk boil it down to the things that you really do well you bring to the table and alter the Resume to every job that you’re applying for because every job is different out obje I don’t like all your obje is always the

Same to get the JV right You really out with a summ and says he This is what I bring to the table even If you read only a sent or two of this Resume the sent or two is about what I bring to the table And how I can help you this next

One I think is so important Listening well because sometimes We’re just so wrapped up in How do I look What Am I going to say next and then Oh my gosh What did this person just say exactly uh We’re so focused on ourselves and WE What Am I going to wear You’re right

And am I doing the right thing and It’s obviously It’s It’s understandable be a little self-conscious but really It’s about them you say Hey explain to them I think I really understand what you want And what you need and I think I can deliver that and by the way here are

The things that I’ve done in the past that give evidence that Support my conclusion if you can have evidence as opposed to a claim then You’re going to have a stronger case with your prospective employer and your final tip Here is follow up I mean definitely do you suggest Sending

A Thank you card making a call Why not uh Thank you card is uh It shows that you’re engaged in the interview you’re still interested uh Say something in the in the Thank you card that speaks to a highlight of the interview You said you know we talked a

Lot about x and uh I really I’m really interested in x and I’ve got a lot of experience in x when we talk about Listening well You can pick up from them what they’re really looking for That’s the key If You can find out what the really looking for then you’re better able

To say I can deliver that and in a way than better than all the other applicants and and and I think you know you’ve got evidence but stay Positive too Jessica and shows that you were engaged in that interview great to have you this Good luck to everyone out

There you can do it
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