Managing the gambler (chaptered)—High stakes RSG training video

Managing the gambler (chaptered)—High stakes RSG training video

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– Hey, guys, how are you going? – Morning! – Good morning! – Hey Steph, you got a minute? – What’s up? – I have a customer who I think might be struggling with his gambling. – Have you noticed anything in particular? – Yeah, a few things over the last couple of weeks:

Heavy use of the ATM;… – …asking other punters for money;… – Do you mind if I have a couple dollars? – …he seems to always be in, and be at the same machine. He’s also made some comments, might have been said as a joke, but I can’t be sure.

– The only thing paying out in this place is the ATM! At least I’ve paid your wages for the week, ey! – I’ve already spoken with him and he’s agreed to talk with you. So I’ve asked him to sit and wait for you over in the dining area.

– Ok. I’ll be straight over. – Hey, mate, thanks for waiting for me. So, one of my staff has been watching you and tells me you might have a gambling problem… – Gambling problem? Who do you think you’re talking to?! I don’t have to sit here and listen to this!!

I can’t accuse him. It’s not my place to judge, I know how hard it can be to seek help. I need to try a different approach. – Hey mate, thanks for waiting for me. How are you going? It sounds like things aren’t going too well for you right now.

How are things at home? Is everything alright? – I really stuffed up this time. I lost the rent. I can’t tell the wife… she’ll leave me for sure. I don’t know what to do! I’ve got nowhere to go… Oh, I’m not equipped for this… I’m not a counsellor!

I need to stay focussed on what I can do. The important thing is to let him know help is available and that our venue is here to support him. – Hi there, I’m Steph. I just want to let you know we’re here to help if you’re not enjoying gambling like you used to.

If you like, I can take you through a couple of ways we can help. – Look, I’m just having a bad day. – Look, I totally get that. I know some people that are great to chat to when you’re having a bad day.

Here’s the number for a free helpline. You can use a phone here to call now if you like. You might find it helpful just to talk it through with someone. Okay, so I’ve let him know help is available and given him the opportunity to talk to someone now.

I want to let him know that we’re here to help him, whatever decision he makes. – Whatever you choose, we’re here to support you. Have you heard about “self-exclusion” or “active monitoring”?
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