How to make Video Resume, Visume Vesume

How to make Video Resume, Visume Vesume

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Hello brandon vision my name is riddhi kovil and i’m 19 years old i’m a current student at the vishwakarma university and i’m pursuing my b tech degree in computer science i have experience with coding languages like c c html and javascript i’ve learned how to program in java and python as well

I have a good technical understanding of angularjs and django and i’m also a good learner along with my degree i have completed a few web development courses on coursera and the various techs i have learned are helping me develop my current project i have done some volunteers such as i am

An active co-team member of a software development club at the vishwakarma university that goes by the name revolution it was during this that i have discovered that i am also a team player my strengths logical thinking over the past few years i have discovered that i really enjoy making algorithms and solving puzzles

I am always ready to try and learn new things that would help to improve my skills for further growth i have also good communication and presentation skills and i’ve never faced a problem in working in a team so why do i want this internship i want this internship because i believe

That this organization will provide me an excellent opportunity to learn and to grow i want to improve on my coding skills and to get exposure towards projects challenges events that you guys have to offer this can also be helpful in landing on my first jobs i assure you that if i’m given this

Opportunity i’ll give my 100 and prove to be a great asset for your organization so here i am applying to be one of your interns because the more i think about this idea the more tremendous i think it is i really want to take up this challenge and

I can prove to be a good help during crisis for this internship i’m really looking forward to be working with you on web domain and to gain experience i hope i’ll be granted this opportunity so try us try the revolution thank you be safe
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