THE TRUTH about PERSONALITY TESTS. #leadership #business #shorts

[THE TRUTH about PERSONALITY TESTS. #leadership #business #shorts

Psychometric testing explained
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In flight school, one of the first things they teach you is that no matter what the flight manual says, no two individual planes will ever fly exactly the same way. I learned that you can’t get complacent with what you’ve read in a book. You have to stay alert, always course-correcting and assessing

The changing conditions and the individual quirks of the machine that you’re piloting. I’m telling you this story because it relates to the rise of a certain trend that I’m seeing a lot of in management. And that trend is the personality test. Listen, I get it. You know, they’re fascinating. I’ve even used them

Myself. And yes, I fully support the idea of looking inward and learning more about your underlying moods and motivations. But the problem with relying on these tests as a management tool is that once you put someone in a box and you decide that you know who they are, you keep them

In that box and then you start leading the box.
#TRUTH #PERSONALITY #TESTS #leadership #business #shorts


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