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Job interview tips
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Your brilliant CV is good enough to get you an interview but a brilliant CV is not good enough to get you the job you need to sell yourself an interview explaining everything about yourself pertinent to the job in the interview promote yourself and your capabilities one of the key areas

Being tested is the issue of self-awareness so what are your strengths and what are your weaknesses these are going to be fundamental questions that will be asked of you during the interview in order to prepare for the interview you need to ask yourself what are your key strengths

Come up with five key strengths and learn to articulate and explain them in a specific way that matches the essential and the desirable criteria for the job if you work these out before the interview with good examples that are actually good enough for the level of the job required this will improve your

Confidence you can expect questions about your weaknesses so what are your liabilities again work out some answers before your interview for example if you’re going for a job in sales it might be worth explaining that you actually enjoy the interaction with people and the excitement of selling but find the administration site something

That’s less interesting you’re aware of its important function and you have to discipline yourself to do it expect these questions they will be asked you may have to listen out for them though if you need further Insight since your strengths and weaknesses and other aspects of your personality consider

Taking a psychometric assessment through a qualified practitioner they will give you some good insights be wary of free online tests they rarely give good quality information if you’re asked to complete an assessment as part of the interview process you can be assured that the interviewer will have this information

And may use it to construct their questions to find out more about you if you’re well prepared and you’ve practiced your answers you can approach the interview with much more confidence and give good answers that will support your brilliant CV and so enhance the chances of you being offered the job thank you
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