The Truth About Chiropractic Adjustments

The Truth About Chiropractic Adjustments

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Next question is from jen rose hair what are your thoughts on using a chiropractor for adjusting back issues if you go to a chiropractor and all they do is adjust you they suck don’t go to them anymore that’s my that’s a that’s 100 you’re just looking to get cracked yes

Yeah yeah okay so it’s the same to me as a if you go to a trainer and all they do is work you out hard and that’s if you go and you hire a personal trainer and your first five sessions look like this you’re just getting your ass kicked and

You you’re coming back up your trainer sucks totally chiropractors the same way you go see your chiropractor and all he does is pop you crack you make you feel good for that moment and you go and that’s all of what you get from him terrible card right now here’s why okay

If you do an adjustment on somebody and they feel better but you don’t correct the reason why they’re out of alignment i’m putting in quotes because that’s the term knowledge right if you don’t correct the reason why they’re in pain in the first place if you don’t correct

The root cause of why they’re out of alignment they’re just gonna go back to where they were before and then they’re gonna have to come see you again so you see this pattern with some chiropractors where they’ll sell these big set these big packages of session and you gotta go see them every

Single week i gotta go see my chiropractor on every monday otherwise i start to feel bad here’s what a good chiropractor looks like they use adjustments judicious judiciously but they use a lot of exercise and correctional movements and mobility movements to correct the root cause of why you’re hurting in the first place

Those are the ones you want to go see but the adjusting people which and then even worse i don’t remember what they called it but it was like this in the chiropractor world there’s like these these people that teach chiropractors how to make more money and one of the strategies was to have

Lots of beds lined up in the same room and you set people up in these beds and you adjust this person just that person’s just and so you see six or seven people like a factory line yeah and i don’t remember what it was called but there was a

Terminology for it and it was just i remember one time one of my clients went to one of these people the whack em and crack and i saw it and i’m like oh this is a this is just an adjustment factory and the dude’s charging everybody here

I’ve been the one like that where it’s like they break up the appointments like eight minutes apart for the entire hour so you know this person’s getting in five five eight people in every every hour you also have to play place a little bit of guilt uh back on the consumer coming in

Because the expectation for them is that uh they’re gonna feel good and be relieved in that instant moment and then walk out and you know go about their day but it just doesn’t stop there like you have to look for somebody that actually is going to give you a plan

And you know get to the root of the issue and give you something of substance well this is why it’s so deceiving i mean that was why it was so hard as a trainer to like explain this to clients that had chiropractors many times i get a client they had

They’ve had a chiropractor for three years and they love him or her but i feel good yeah exactly when they adjust because they go do it and and they it doesn’t even matter you can sit there and explain everything you just talked about right now

And it’s like in one year out the other because i feel better every time i do it so and the truth is it’s the the adjusting part is not the bad part it’s just they they need to complement that with exercises and stretches to go along with it you know and

And honestly uh my this is my opinion because maybe some chiropractors have different but i i like a chiropractor who doesn’t even put you on a table and adjust you for the first like few sessions the first few sessions you’re doing exactly just that’s how i feel like a

Trainer is if a trainer gets you and it’s day one he just met you and he’s out kicking your ass on the floor right away he’s a terrible trainer for me the first at least three to four sessions is feeling my client out watching them move watching them squat

Watching them lift away watching them get up off the ground asking them questions assessing their diet like all these things factor in when i’m designing a program for them that’s going to get them not only their results but also serve them long term a good chiropractor should do the same thing
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