How a Suit Jacket Should Fit

How a Suit Jacket Should Fit

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You’ve probably heard the phrase fit is king but i see so many guys getting fit wrong especially with their suit jacket i’m going to show you four key areas to pay attention to and what right looks like number one the shoulders you want the seam of the shoulder to end just

Before your arm starts to break down and the sleeve should follow that line and roll smoothly down your arm number two jacket length stand with your arms at your side make a fist and if the tips of your fingers touch the bottom of the jacket that’s the right length number

Three sleeve length for the ideal jacket sleeve length it should hit right at your wrist bone number four the body when you button your jacket it should have a little bit of play between the body and the fabric should be smooth with no pulling or bunching a suit costs

Money so be sure you’re getting these things right to get the most out of your investment and look your best
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